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NKE Marine Electronics Multifunction Displays

  • Multigraphic

    NKE Marine Electronics Mulrigraphic

    • 5.7’’ LED colour screen.
    • NMEA input and monitor page
    • Wide 160° reading angle.
    • Low consumption thanks to a luminosity sensor
    • Consumption: 90 mA without lighting,150 mA with lighting
    • Dimensions (H x L x D) : 118 x 192 x 23 mm
    • Two bezel colours available : white [ref. 90-60-359] or carbon like [ref. 90-60-399]
  • Multidisplay

    NKE Marine Electronics Multidisplay

    • 7’’ graphic color screen.
    • Set the alarms and calibrate the sensors
    • Manage and configure the NKE Marine Electronics autopilot. (If one is installed on the bus)
    • Customize screen types as well as to select the proper skin type
    • Power supply: 8 to 32 V DC
    • Consumption: 150 mA (Day backlight level 10)
    • Dimensions: 196 x 122 x 28 mm (With cover ; 196 x 122 x 28 mm without)
    • Available in white [90-60-543] or carbon appearance [90-60-544]

NKE Marine Electronics Autopilot

  • Gyropilot processor 2

    NKE Marine Electronics Gyropilot processor 2

    • A single model for racing and cruising
    • Maintenance of heading under any weather condition
    • Highly accurate data processing and reliability
    • Apparent and true wind steering mode
    • Power supply: 10 to 16VDC
    • Power supply (drive): 24 V or 12 V
  • Rudder Angle Sensor

    NKE Marine Electronics Rudder Angle Sensor

    • Mechanically connected to the tiller arm or steering quadrant
  • Fluxgate Compass

    NKE Marine Electronics Fluxgate Compass

    • Connects to the nke bus and it feeds the system with the magnetic compass heading value
    • Comes with a 6 meter TOPLINE cable and a bracket for bulkhead mounting
    • Consumption: 25mA – Résolution : 1°
    • Power supply: 10 to 16VDC

NKE Marine Electronics Processors

  • 3D Sensor

    NKE Marine Electronics 3D Sensor

    • Provides accurate heading, roll and pitch, acceleration and turn rate
    • Angle resolution: 0,05°
    • Magnetic heading accuracy: <1°
    • Roll and pitch accuracy: <0,5°
    • Dynamic accuracy: 2° RMS
    • Data output : RS232
    • 3 accelerations – 3 movement measured (roll, pitch, yaw)
    • 3 turn speeds – Temperatures – 3 magnetic field
    • Power supply: 4.5 to 15VDC
    • Consumption: 360mW
  • HR Processor

    NKE Marine Electronics HR Processor

    • Processes all the required data and interfaces with sensors, displays, commands and computers on board
    • Accurate and sensitive measurements of wind, boat speed, speed over ground and the boat’s motion
    • High data rate (high frequency sampling and fast processing of sensors and autopilot actions and fast data display refresh)
    • Data logger (black box designed for sailing around the world, with 25Hz data rate).
    • Measurement of the behaviour of the hull and mast distortion (angles, accelerations, rate of turn, magnetometric vector)
    • Possible operation with true heading (geomagnetic field model)
    • Management of sensor reliability, autopilot modes toggle
    • Anti-capsize exit
    • 2 NMEA inputs 
    • Power supply voltage range: 9-18V
  • Regatta Processor

    NKE Marine Electronics Regatta Processor

    • True wind calculator: essential tool to obtain accurate, reliable true wind
    • Accurate measurement of wind speed and angle (true and apparent), boat speed, speed over ground, the boat movements, all with sensitivity to small changes
    • Accurate measurement of acceleration and the boat’s attitude (magnetic heading, angles, acceleration, turn rates, magnetometric vector)
    • Accurate dynamic calculation of true wind as a result of the compensation of measured data from the masthead sensor, the geometry between the mast and the hull and the use of correction tables
    • High speed data flow (fast measurements from sensors providing high speed updates to the autopilot and data display)
    • Fast data rate interface with the onboard PCs for most major navigation packages (via the SailNet protocol on IP and various gateways). Compatible with the Proteus communication system
    • Variable exchange protocol via fast RS232/NMEA0183 or IP
    • Power supply voltage range: 9-18V

NKE Marine Electronics Safety - AIS

  • AIS Transponder

    NKE Marine Electronics AIS Transponder

    • AIS class B transponder
    • Complies with ISAF rules for offshore races Level 1 and 2
    • Internal GPS antenna
    • Interfaces: USB output, NMEA 0183 output, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 input

NKE Marine Electronics Specific Sensors

  • Mast Angle sensor

    NKE Marine Electronics Mast Angle sensor

    • Correction and 100% reliability of the wind vane
    • Measurement range: -170 ° to +170 °
    • Resolution: 0.1 °
    • Linearity: 2%
    • Comes with a 3m cable, interface, arm and sheave
  • Analog Monitor Interface

    NKE Marine ELectronics Analog Monitor Interface

    • Create and publish on the Bus Topline bus data from any third sensor type analog voltage (ex mast angle sensor, keel angle, tank gauges …)
  • HR Barometer

    NKE Marine Electronics HR Barometer

    • Measures instant atmospheric pressure and pressure trend for the last 10 hours.
    • NMEA0183 input
    • Process MMB, MTA and XDR sentences
    • Power supply: 10 – 16 Vdc
    • Consumption: 25mA
  • 500A Battery Monitor

    NKE Marine Electronics 500A Battery monitor

    • Sensor + remote 500 A shunt
    • 4 cables : 1 bus cable for connection with Topline bus, 1 Bus cable for connection with the shunt, 1 brown wire for connection to the battery # 1 and one red wire for connection to the battery #2

Speed & Depth Sensors

  • Dual Log & Sounder interface

    NKE Marine Electronics Dual Log & Sounder interface

    • Allows two speedometer log sensors and one depth-finder sensor to be connected to the TOPLINE Bus
    • Delivers boat speed and log data, depth, sea temperature and the bus voltage
  • Log / Sounder interface

    NKE Marine Electronics Log / Sounder interface

    • The speed/depth interface junction box allows the connection of a speed and a depth sensor to the TOPLINE bus. It processes speed, log, depth, sea temperature and bus voltage data
  • Electromagnetic speed sensor

    NKE Marine Electronics Electromagnetic speed sensor

    • Delivers boat speed and log as well as water temperature
    • Free from moving parts
    • Installed flush, this sensor does not affect boat speed, perfect for racing
  • Paddle Wheel speed sensor

    NKE Marine Electronics Paddle Wheel speed sensor

    • Measure surface boat speed and temperature
  • Ultrasonic speed sensor

    NKE Marine Electronics Ultrasonic speed sensor

    • Ultrasonic technology offers reliable speed data and finally end the problem of vaned rotor blockage
    • Installed flush, this sensor does not affect boat speed, perfect for racing
    • Paddle-wheel output at 4.5 Hz/Nds and NMEA 0183 output: VHW
    • Hull housing dimensions: 31 mm or 40 mm internal diameter (with adapter) and 50 mm external diameter
  • Depth Sounder

    NKE Marine Electronics Depth Sounder

    • Provides depth values in meters or feet
    • Range: up to 50 meters (measured)
    • Hull housing dimensions: 41 mm internal diameter (with adapter) and 50 mm external diameter

Wind Sensors

  • Wind Sensor HR

    Wind Sensor HR NKE

    • Highly accurate for both angle and speed measurements: less than 1° for wind angle and less than 1% for wind speed linearity
    • Allows wind speed measurement below 2 knots
  • Standard Wind Unit

    Standard Wind Unit NKE


    • Measures the wind angle through 360°
  • Carbowind HR

    Carbowind HR NKE

    • Wind measurement with no disturbance, 1.10m above the mast.
    • Long vertical carbon arm.
  • Apparent Wind Monitor Interface

    Apparent Wind Monitor Interface NKE

    • Improve steering through noise reduction
    • Up to 80% of electronics problems stem from the mast
    • Up to 3 wind sensors can be utilized and connected at the same time, the automatic switch which is part of the monitor (manual mode available as well)
    • The Apparent Wind Monitor protect the installation in case of thunderstorm or short-circuit on the wind sensor(s) or cable.

Remote Controls

  • Crew Transmitter

    Crew Transmitter NKE

    • Automatically detects when a man goes over board.
    • Power supply: lithium battery 3.6V. Battery life time ranges from 1 to 3 years. (Return the unit to your dealer for battery replacement)
  • Display radio controller

    Display radio controller NKE

    • Control the displays remotely
    • Power supply: lithium battery 3.6V. Battery life time ranges from 1 to 3 years. (Return the unit to your dealer for battery replacement)
  • Gyropilot remote control / transmitter

     Gyropilot remote control / transmitter NKE

    • Transmitter + Receiver: allows the pilot to be remote controlled and automatically detects when a man goes over board
    • Power supply: lithium battery 3.6V. Battery life time ranges from 1 to 3 years. (Return the unit to your dealer for battery replacement)
  • Wired remote control

    Wired remote control NKE

    • Compatible with the TL25 and SL50 multifunction displays
    • Commands the channels to display, the calibration and the race timer
  • PAD Display / PAD Pilot

    PAD Display / PAD Pilot NKE

    • Natural complements of Multidisplay
    • PAD pilot: can change the display, enter the menus, perform sensor calibrations and driver settings and control the autopilot
    • PAD Display: the keys dedicated to the autopilot were replaced by keys of shortcuts and direct access to the chronometer
    • With protective cover: 122 x 62 x 27 mm
    • Without protective cover: 115 x 58 x 23 mm


  • High Frequency GPS

    NKE High Frequency GPS

    • Position accuracy and any tiny boat speed acceleration detected at the high rate of 10 Hz
    • Very reactive speed over ground
    • Output: TOPLINE and NMEA 183
    • Power supply: 12v DC when connected to TOPLINE bus and 6-33v for any other installation


  • Box USB Datalog WiFi

    NKE Box USB Datalog WiFi

    • Allows multiplexing of all data coming from the Topline Bus (wind, speed…) and NMEA instruments (AIS, GPS…) to be sent to applications (your PC, Smartphones, tablets or apple watch)
    • 1 BUS connection to read the data
    • 3 input : wired / USB / WiFi
    • 3 NMEA ouput : wired / USB / WiFi
    • USB port (inpout/output) and a SD Card slot for data logging.
    • NMEA input: NMEA 183 baud rate automatically set up from 4800 to 38400 bauds. Automatic process of AIS data
    • NMEA output: NMEA 183 wired connection at 38400 bauds

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